R&R Classic Trucks Ltd started trading Jan 06 following many years of working on trucks as a hobby.

wheel Our association with the haulage industry goes back three generations. Both our grandfather and father owned their own company delivering hay, straw, sand and gravel. From an early age the two brothers Colin and Andrew helped repair and service the trucks.
Colin went on to become an HGV driver and whilst Andrew chose to pursue a career in agricultural engineering. For many years Colin chose not to drive new trucks but preferred classic trucks like Atkinsons and Scammells which we maintained ourselves and they ran for many years long after they should have been retired.

The first American truck we purchased was a Diamond T tank transporter; this was followed by a White Road Commander and finally a Kenworth K100 which Colin used for two years. Having many enquires about the Kenworth we decided there was a market in the UK for this type of vehicle.

We are based in rural Lincolnshire, close to Robin Hood Airport and also the port of Hull.
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